BIMONT GROUP provides your CAD design, plans and drawings directly from its own experts at its facilities.

You benefit from total Know-How. Your CAD design is created by our engineers.
Depending on your request, this provides potential meaningful synergies in cooperation with our technicians from the production. So products, processes and projects are always coordinated with the entire team, resulting in low error rates, perfect functionality and CAD designs that are not only implemented in theory but in practice.

We‘re happy to help!

Reducing costs Conserving resources Change requests Flexible areas

You want to reduce your costs?

Minimize your risk by a bespoke CAD design.

Our CAD design specialists save you time and increase your productivity thanks to their professional, methodical approach from the beginning of product development to the realization of your construction.
Our experience enables us to provide you with a competitive advantage by offering you a custom-made, individual solution. For reproductions, even after years, you still have recourse to the
designs created by you.

Conserving resources

Another advantage is the resource-efficient use of raw materials, which we can achieve by an optimized CAD construction.

Simulating the behavior  of your construction by adding or modifying its physical properties we can still create equivalent resilient structures through material savings in the right places.

Change requests

In case of
change requests, we are flexible for their implementation to save you time and money.
Again, you can take advantage of our highly specialized employees’ cross-knowledge.

Versatile fields of application

No matter in which area, whether for medical, automotive / vehicle or building structures, our employees know the needed requirements and align the perfect interaction of the individual components to precisely meet your needs.

CAD design:

  • 2D CAD design
  • 2 1 / 2D CAD design
  • 3D CAD design
  • Accurate planning
  • Calculation of physical properties
  • High precision fit
  • Resource-saving constructions
  • Cost minimization
  • Time savings
  • Economic production
  • Endless fields of application:
    • Vehicle / Automotive
    • Constructions
    • Medical prototype construction
    • and more