Project Management of BIMONT GROUP.
All industrial services a complete success.

Professionalism in project management.

Our project managers are experienced, certified and trained. One point of contact is directly assigned to you.

This ensures a perfect implementation of the participating companies. It also saves you time, money and organizational measures. The focus is always on the quickest resumption of regular operation and preventing assembly-dictated downtime.

Our customers are fascinated by the conscientious planning, the implementation and the smooth interaction of the instructed partners.

Procedure when engineering for machinery relocation

Objectives, Sub-objectives and Tasks

Your wishes and requirements are carefully
discussed in a first conversation.
Then we will discuss and set the objectives, sub-goals and tasks.

As a result, a meticulous inventory of all
goods to be relocated will be done.

Next, we create the project plan incl. dependencies, availability, resources, and the timeline of the companies involved.

Planning, Instruction, Documentation

Information about required machinery & equipment is collected.
Scheduling and sequence planning will be set followed by
detailed & qualified engineering.
Sub-projects are split & companies involved are instructed.

We assist in the documentation and traceability
for all cooperating partners
by “STATE-OF-THE-ART IT systems”.

Implementation & Reports

We monitor the parties involved and also focus
on compliance with the defined timeline.

Next step: assembly according to its planning.
Your contact person is always on site and checks
the successful implementation of the project.

We use pro-active controlling in reference to costs and level of success in order to provide you with the best possible overview of the project.

You receive defined reports for your review.

Quick Overview:

  • Wishes and requirements
  • Definition of objectives, sub-objectives, tasks
  • Inventory
  • Create project schedule / timeline
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement Machines & Equipment
  • Splitting subprojects & instructions of companies involved
  • Support – documentation & traceability of partners
  • Conduct Logistics
  • Monitoring & compliance timeline
  • Installation according to planning
  • Controlling