Disturbances, loss of production, downtime,
employees failure?

Not with us! We work proactively!

The maintenance & repair of your machines
should be an integral part of a collaboration

When short staffed, our qualified staff takes over activities of absent colleagues.

Plant efficiency (OEE) & availability are set as our own goals.

Also, we were able to assist with important advice referring to process optimization
or increase of production during the course of regular maintenance operations.

BIMONT GROUP offers proper maintenance of your equipment.

Our specialized staff handles maintenance and
repairs to optimize your industrial systems.

BIMONT GROUP protects you against loss of production!

Problem definition:
Service & Maintenance

As per this example, usually, industrial machinery does not show information about its status.


Therefore, professional industrial companies do not only inspect the company’s industrial machinery according to legal requirements, but have qualified personnel inspect it in short term intervals. Business critical processes & machinery should be a top priority. BIMONT GROUP comprehensively supports you in the field of maintenance & servicing.

Example machine status:

Danger of failure!

Cleaning status
Calibration status
Wearing parts
Total status

Problem definition:
Staff shortages

You have technical staff shortages, or there is a risk of overload?
The fulfillment of your orders is at risk?


During times of employee shortages, we support you with competence and dedication by quick responses at peak times. This way we can eliminate dreaded downtime, loss of production and the resulting downtime costs.

With BIMONT GROUP at your side you will be prepared for the unexpected.

Problem definition:
You want to outsource your maintenance?

Which external, reliable service provider takes over the maintenance of my complex installation, as scheduled?


Technical Cleanings, revisions and the early detection of fatigue of inserted wearing parts are a must in the industry. Economically, our consultants can precisely explain to you, how frequently maintenance should be carried out and also be at service to you with tasks to preserve -and maintain the value of your plant.

Our customers appreciate our solution orientation.
Become a part of our satisfied customers!