The installation of conveyor technology is a key skill of
especially in the automotive industry, we are in great demand!

Nearly all suppliers of car manufacturers from all over Europe rely on our services.

We are in demand in terms of optimization of conveyor technology by
major suppliers of automotive manufacturers, the food industry and companies into mechanical engineering.

We offer a full range of services for the most efficient systems of conveyor technology to include the supply and installation of steelwork associated with the facilities as part of BIMONT GROUP’s performance spectrum.

Monorail Systems, Skid Systems &
Floor Transport Systems

Skid Systems

We are experienced service providers at the area of conveyor technology, Skid technology and push skid applications for leading suppliers in the automotive sector, as well as automobile manufacturers. As in all areas of expertise we offer optimization as one of our areas of responsibility.

The use of Skid conveyor systems is well established in the automotive industry.
For example, there they are in service in the final assembly, the paint shop and the raw body vehicle construction area. Skids is another word for ‘the workpiece carriers, that receive the transported parts.

Skid systems are low maintenance, robust, low wear, reliable and virtually noiseless. Most systems use Skid roller conveyors, but also slat conveyor and chain conveyors are used.

Electric Monorail Systems

BIMONT GROUP is your competent point of contact for assemblies and optimization of electric monorail systems. On demand we also deliver & assemble necessary steel constructions.

Electric monorails offer conveying technology for optimum utilization of available space where floor conveyor systems can not be used for example as overhead trolleys mounted on ceiling halls to fill otherwise unusable hall levels. Electrified monorail systems can be perfectly integrated into the existing production techniques. The advantages of electric monorails are obvious, you are allowing the optimum use of space, they are noiseless, need relatively little maintenance and can control the flow of the workpiece carriers in the different areas of your production. They provide an efficient transportation option and also bridge and down gradients. They can buffer workpieces and goods, sort, branch, inject, discharge, stack, store and are easy to install and put into operation, depending on conditions. In addition, the bottom surfaces remain free and serve as a useful working and production areas.

Floor Transport Systems

Optimization & services for floor transport systems.
We provide you a flawless commissioning and assembly work of the tracks and rails and assist you with our expertise.

Floor transportation systems are autonomously controlled, driverless ground vehicles with its own drive. The energy is supplied by induction, by conductor line or battery operation. Floor transportation systems can be equipped with different types of tracking.

High-Bay Warehouse Systems & Stacker Cranes

High-Bay Warehouse Systems & Stacker Cranes

A special team of our employees are perfectly trained and has been working in this field for more than 10 years of experience ready to assist with the introduction, installation and mechanical commissioning , maintenance of storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses.

BIMONT GROUP has been active in the largest high-bay warehouses. Our biggest project was a 42 m high-rack silo with 22 navigable streets. From project planning to commissioning a single point of contact is assigned to you as your project manager.

Stacker cranes take over the automatic storage and retrieval of goods in a high-bay warehouse where the demands are enormous, not only the load of the pickup should be planned for the future. Each component must work perfectly, so that also load lifting and rail constructions should be selected wisely on quality and durability. Our team is well prepared and well trained in the area of steel & metal construction, its expertise in industrial assembly and industrial relocations as your qualified partner for your projects.

Power & Free Systems

Power & Free Systems

Power & Free Systems are optimized by BIMONT GROUP, serviced and fitted.

Most of our customers in conveyor technology result from our high affinity for the automotive industry and the mechanical engineering as areas in which high efficiency and fast response times are essential.

A Power & Free System is always useful when working on individual cargo is of importance. It provides flexibility to select single hangers from the slurry without having to stop the entire conveyor chain. Another application is provided by the fact that the drive does not run with the conveyed good so that it can also be used in furnaces. Power & Free Systems are therefore also called drag chain conveyors.