Industrial assembly is our core business.
Transport, installation and commissioning – worldwide!

We support machine manufacturers &
purchasing industry alike.

Machine manufacturers

We are a popular partner of international machine manufacturers.

Whether regular – or individual use, we tune into each other and coordinate our tasks together with you.
In terms of planning, we were able to save our customers from facing serious difficulties.

It is good to know that you work with specialists in the area of industrial assembly!
You will be amazed, because we “juggle” a large team of engineers & technicians from all domains. Industrial assembly is our passion and to date we could master even the most difficult cases.
We have zeroed in on recurring assembly processes for well-known manufacturers, and bring each machine into service with the same precision. Our employees are specially trained, as industrial assembly is precision work. We know the precise requirements and offer our service for logistics, installation and commissioning as well as for project management, of course, focussing on a smooth and quickest possible resumption of your production!

Overview industrial assembly:

  • Advice and expert assistance
  • Logistics (supply & input)
  • Installation (including disassembly & reassembly)
  • Proper commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Prevent downtime by staff shortages

Purchasing Industrial companies

It goes without saying that buyers of industrial machines want maximum safety that acquired assets are brought into service properly and in the best condition. Not only in the field of industrial assembly, service orientation greatly matters to us at all our service areas!
We will provide you with not only the flawless transfer, logistics, installation, commissioning and production readiness, we also monitor costs, as well as an orderly resolution on your behalf. At best, consult us before purchasing.

We ourselves, as well as the network of partner companies can provide you with helpful tips and reviews of your desired machine purchase giving you supportive advice before the start of a project.