Steel construction in form, function & perfection.

BIMONT GROUP knows steel construction inside out and considers itself as excellent in this area.

Get an overview of our available processing techniques and use of construction elements.

Whether in use for welded structures, plant construction or stage building projects,
with our expertise, we offer implementation & Know-How for the most individual projects.

Extensive editing techniques and construction elements

BIMONT GROUP offers numerous processing techniques in steel construction and various forms of structural elements based on your special requests.

BIMONT GROUP offers all techniques of steel & metal from a single source.

Edging, aluminum welding, drilling, burning, electric welding, stainless steel welding, deburring, chamfering, hot dip galvanizing, milling, priming, edging work, plastic welding, painting, laser cutting, MAG welding, MIG welding, plasma cutting, grinding, countersinking, steel welding, blasting, galvanizing, waterjet cutting, TIG welding, cutting, and more.

We handle and process including the following structural elements:
Cutting steel, round steel, reinforced steel, bright steel, plates, wide flats, carbon steel, double Tcarrier, engineering steel, stainless steel, sheet steel, flat steel, heavy plate, HEA carrier, HEB carrier, HEM carrier, IPE carrier, medium plate, nonferrous metals, structural steel, square tube, carbon steel, rectangular tube, round tube, round steel, special profiles, steel bars, Tsteel, Tcarrier, carrier, Uiron, square steel, all-steel, angle steel, Z steel.


Our employees are certified in all aspects of welding technology. We meet every needs and produce individually, useful and sustainable.
If you need help in the implementation, contact us.

From our own production site we manufacture unit weights up to 40 tons. This way we cover a wide range of applications. Weldments are manufactured by BIMONT GROUP, transported and assembled.
BIMONT GROUP manufactures weldments of stainless steel as well as aluminum. Thus, we offer solutions for the industry, public authorities, builders and individual projects.
We offer all qualified welding processes, MIG / MAG, TIG & electrode manual welding. Our specialists are trained continuously and cover any requirements. Of course, the equipment in use is up to date to make each project a success.

Stages and Platforms

We offer both fixed and mobile elements for stage and platform constructions. Our welding engineers ensure the production of special designs. Applications and configuration options are unlimited. We offer customized solutions for your steel construction project.